Monday, September 21, 2009

The Watermelon Crawl

Saturday night was a true testament to the comedy routine "You might be a redneck if..." The hubs and I went to the "NEW" Stockton 99 Speedway for some good 'ol oval track racing. I've never been to a race like this... though I've seen a little on television. I'm usually surrounded by drag racing. This was a welcomed change of scenery.

Now let me tell you... this was a blast! There were a bunch of cars on a 1/4 mile oval track racing around a circle. That doesn't sound that great, but when you have tons of cars and a small track it gets interesting. People are bumping up against each other and crashing. It's amazing.
Speaking of crashes, during one of the main events on Saturday night, there was a pretty big crash. One of the leaders was clipped in the back and turned to the side. Well, that was definitely bad since there were tons of cars right on his back bumper. Almost everyone crashed. There was some definite carnage. (I totally loved it!) After a huge cleanup, there were 6 less cars.
To top the evening off, we had a 299 lap watermelon Enduro!!! What is that, you ask? Oh, ya know... pure awesome-ness. The crowd went down and smashed watermelons all over the track, then we wet the track with soap and water. The drivers had to do 299 laps on THAT! LOL. It was so fun. They were sliding and smashing and spinning. Totally safe, right?

Yea... I wasn't joking. Watermelons. Crates and crates full of them. I know you're jealous.

You might be a redneck if... you smash watermelons on a track and then proceed to have a 299 enduro on that same track.