Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching...

I'm sooooooo excited!!!! I'm sure you all are as well; you just don't want to admit it. The day after Thanksgiving (after I got home from shopping like a crazed person with my mother; don't judge me), I started putting up the few Christmas decorations I had. Luckily, my mother gave me a few things to make our place look a little more festive. I might have slightly freaked out my father in law when he came over later that day and I was wrapping Christmas gifts. I had a ton of gifts to wrap too. Luckily all the little things are taken care of now. I just need to finish shopping for the big things now.

Omg. I'm turning into my mother.

On a positive note, the mister and I got our very first Christmas tree this weekend. :) :) :) We went to Apple Hill and cut it down ourselves (actually that's a lie; I supervised while the hubs did it). Then we went home and I decorated it.

And here is the final product (this is a crappy picture.... I never have my camera around so I use my phone):

Anyone else excited about Christmas!?!?!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morning Rituals

We all have morning rituals that must be done daily. My morning ritual happens when I get to work. I usually arrive about 45 minutes early (I need time to myself to drink my coffee and wake up a little more before I start answering the phones here). I update calendars for our meeting rooms and  hang them up for the day. While walking around the office, I have my ipod on since there are usually only 1 or 2 others here and I'm blasting country music. The country music gets me really pumped and I end up singing (not very well) and dancing while making my way around the office. I love it. This totally gets me ready for the day.

Maybe I need to rethink this ritual. After I made it back to my desk I was bombarded with emails and instant messages from my coworkers who were making fun of me. I guess I didn't hear them earlier because my ipod was turned up really loud. Now they continue to tease me. Since when did these people start getting here so early?!

I feel dumb.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I had a breakthrough on Sunday. My half marathon is in a couple of weeks (yea, that makes me want to cry too), and I'm totally unprepared. Training for this marathon has made me realize that I hate running. I never want to do this again. It's not fun for me. It's boring and exhausting. Boo.

But anyways, back to what I was saying in the beginning. I needed to up my mileage drastically. I mean my long runs were coming to be about 6 miles-ish because I would be so bored to continue. This Sunday the mister and I took ourselves out to Lake Natoma and I ran it! Yea... well, I ran on one side and back. It came up to be about 10 miles! That's a huge accomplishment for me! I hadn't run in over a week before that either.

So this Sunday I plan on making one lap around. I'm told it's supposed to be 11.4 miles. I can do it. The first 4 miles are the worst, but after that I'll push through.

I rock.