Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm just an 8 year old stuck in this twenty-something body...

Little things make me happy: steamed milk, ice in the freezer, walking, etc. I don't need much to be satisfied. Lately, the mister and I have spending quite a lot of time at Petsmart. I'm so addicted to that store. Walking around and looking at everything gives me such a thrill! We're huge animal lovers. I wish I lived on a farm with tons of property. I would just fill it up with animals and trees (I love trees too!). Petsmart is dangerously close to our house now so we end up taking a drive there when we feel the need (at least twice a week). Plus, this is one of those places where the doglet is encouraged to come. Love it!
Here's the problem.... every time we go there, the hubs and I end up wanting to adopt some sort of animal. At first it was fish.... check. We already have a dog... check. Well, now it is mice. We love them. They are so cute! Yes, I understand that this is a pet for an 8 year old, but I don't care. Every time I go in there and see them running around on their wheel or sleeping, the need to adopt just grows bigger and bigger. Well, we finally adopted 2 fancy mice! Woo hoo!!!! This makes me soooo happy. They are the cutest things EVER (after my doglet, of course).
Now this is obviously a terrible picture, but seriously.... how cute is it? The doglet is so intrigued by them! He has already claimed them as his pets. Is it weird for my pet to have a pet? I think not. These are more his size too. Every morning he runs to the door of the room we keep their cage in and just waits for us to open it so he can greet them. He is like a little kid! Adorable!
I'll eventually get pictures of the actual mice, but the doglet has taken all of their time and attention lately. :D
Now.... what kinda animal should we get next? I've been working on getting a cat for a while now.... we'll see. :D