Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our First Fish Tank

This weekend, the mister and I finally got fish for our fish tank. We set it up about two weeks ago, but needed to make sure the water was ready for fish. We took our water sample in to Petsmart, and they were impressed with how perfect it was. (Good job, Husband!) So we got fish!!! We only have a ten gallon tank so we are only allowed ten inches of fish. The mister picked them out: 1 Black Molly (the only actual name I know), 1 fast striper looking fish, and 2 of those little sucker fishes (my favs!). I can't wait to get a few more, but the mister says we should wait a little while to make sure these ones live (not sure if that was a crack at my care taking abilities or not).

The best thing about these fish is that my little love muffin doglet likes them too.

Yes.... he sits there on our bed and actively watches them. It's the most adorable thing ever!! How could I not take a picture?! Sorry it's not a good picture though... my phone can be lame.