Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lord of Legends

Anyone read this book by Susan Krinard? My friend let me borrow it and it has definitely peaked my interest. Supposedly it's about the King of the Unicorns (yea... I said it - unicorns) and how he was cursed to live as a man. Of course he is supposed to be completely irresistible (why would I bother with this if he wasn't?). Reading the back cover of this book has led me to realize that this book is going to be so amazing cheesy and ridiculous. I think I love it already. The author uses the word "consummate" on the back! I mean seriously.... who uses that word anyways let alone as part of the description?! Ahhh..... looking forward to this fun fest. Don't judge me. I know you all watch those Lifetime/Hallmark movies like I do. I can appreciate good literature, but I can also savor the funny cheesy stuff. I always know I'll be in a lighter mood after laughing at the ridiculous-ness.

Good times.

What are you guys reading? I think I've been reading a little too much cheesiness and need to get back into the good stuff. My problem is that I LOVE buying my books at thrift stores for less than a quarter each! It's slim pickins there.


Mrs. A

Me & the thrift store have a long torried history when it comes to books. That's how I got addicted to the Oprah book club books! LOL I love searching and searching to find one good read...In fact I see a trip in my near future.

Mrs. A

Oh and I meant torrid, not torried. Is that even a word? Ok leaving your blog now...