Friday, October 9, 2009

Lack of Motivation?

I feel like I am constantly surrounded by people who have big goals and dreams for the future. They always want to finish school as fast as they can so they can move on to a different school. They want to work crazy hours to get promoted and work the corporate ladder of success. I am not one of those people. Does that make me less of a person?

I think I am finally tired of everyone judging me because I'm not their idea of "ambitious." I'm not in a hurry to finish school and that's okay. It doesn't mean that I don't have goals in life. It doesn't mean that I'm not smart. It doesn't mean that I will never finish. I am making a choice. MY choice. And yes, I have reasons for the choices I am making. As a matter of fact, these decisions are what are best for my family.

Let me lay it out: Right now my goal is get my family financially stable and secure. This requires me to devote my time to working and saving. In a few years, we'll be completely out of debt except for our mortgage. We'll also have a substantial emergency fund unlike many families today. In about 5-6 years, we plan on having children. My biggest request in this endeavor was that I don't want to work full time after we start having kids (another reason why we need to be financially secure). Of course, I will work part time to save my sanity and give us a little extra income. I want to be the one raising my kids though... not leaving them in a daycare (that ends up taking all my money anyways). That works for some families, but that is not what I have in mind for mine. I'm not judging; I'm just stating what I feel. I also plan on finishing up my degree when the kids get a little older and start school themselves. There's no real reason for me to rush through it when I don't even plan on using it! It's for my benefit only. I don't need it to validate myself or feel accomplished. I just want it. :)

So tell me: am I less of a person because I'm not as "ambitious" as you?



It doesn't matter if your definition of "ambitious" isn't the same as someone else's. You're going to be successful in all things and your willingness to devote yourself to working hard for your family is something that you will reap rewards from. (I secretly think that the people climbing the corporate ladder are afraid to start families and have to work at something that is WAY more challenging than showing up to work 40 hours a week.)

Mrs. A

I think your ambitious for sticking to your guns and paving your own path. Regardless of what others do, or what your supposed to do, you are just being you. I admire that for sure! ...Then again, I also have taken unemployment and ran with it! ;)


I totally agree with everything you said. I feel like I'm in the same boat!