Wednesday, May 12, 2010


According to the always funny Dawn Dais (author of The Nonrunners Marathon Guide for Women), I'm supposed to have written a pro/con list for deciding to run the marathon. I'm also supposed to have written reasons and potential counter arguments for finishing the training as well. I'm supposed to come with a good reason to finish the training and marathon where I won't have an excuse to stop and quit. Ugh. As smart as this sounds, it seems so... final to me. Once I really come up with a good fool-proof reason, I won't be able to quit. I like the idea that I could quit though. Is that bad? Haha. Probably. Ok.... fine! I'll make the stupid lists. Twist my arm, why-dontcha.

Pro/Con List to Training for a Marathon:

Pro: I'll have bragging rights.
Con: I might not finish and end up embarrassed.

Pro: I'll get in shape.
Con: Running won't give me the body I actually want so it would be fruitless.

Pro: I can hang out with my friend D more.
Con: D will hate me for making her run all the time.

Pro: I can eat loads of food if I'm running.
Con: I won't get the desired weight loss.

Pro: I'll be in the best shape of my life.
Con: My body will be in constant pain.

Yea... I'm done at five pros and cons. Dawn had some really funny ones, but I wanted to just put the ones that came to my head first.

Reasons for Finishing my Marathon and its Training:

Reason: I want to have this sense of accomplishment. Not everyone will run a marathon.
Counter-Argument: The smart ones don't run marathons. Who would willingly put them self in this much pain and torture over and over and over again?!

Reason: My friends are all training with me.
Counter-Argument: And they all want to quit as well. They're just waiting for someone to make the first move.

Reason: I've always wanted to run a marathon.
Counter-Argument: I've always wanted to live on a farm too. Plus, I'm still young... I'll do it later.

Reason: I've told tons of people about this.
Counter-Argument: They'll forget or I'll pretend like I don't know what they are talking about if they do remember.

Reason: I told myself I better finish this or else.
Counter-Argument: Psh. Ohhhhhhhh. I'm so scared. Not.

Okay, clearly I need to find a solid reason to continue for when times get tough. Eh, I'll figure it out later. Here's to a great year of training ahead for me (you all better sense my sarcasm)!