Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Because I Can't Stop....

I can just never keep still. The mister says he thinks I'm part crazy because I can't seem to relax. I'm always wanting to do something. It's not my fault that I have a short attention span. Well, it could be, but I like to pretend like it's not. Duh.

Anyways, so I'm finished with my hectic school schedule this semester. I was going to school 5 nights a week after work for 4 months and I finally made it through! I don't know how people can do this all the time. I have a serious respect for working mothers who balance their time so well. Unfortunately for me, I suck at it. I'm surprised I made it. The icing on the cake was that I received As in all my classes this semester too! :o)

So here I am with all this free time on my hands. Sure, I am still training for the marathon, but it's a work in progress. You can't rush something like that so I'm just taking it day by day. I'm still home by 7pm on training nights anyway so I feel like I have loads more time than when I was in school. I'll be taking a summer school class starting soon, but I'll still have more time.

So here I am with nothing to do. Seriously. I'm even caught up with the laundry (and if you know me, that never happens). I've been reading like crazy because I LOVE books and am trying to catch up from four months of textbook reading. I still have all this time though. Plus, as much as I wish I could read all the time nonstop, I wouldn't be able to sit still for so long (well, I'm sure I could devote weeks to simply lying in bed reading, but for some reason I don't think that's a good idea).

I'm so thankful we're moving into some apartments in a couple of weeks. Right as summer is kicking off, I'll have a pool to lay by! I haven't tanned in forever (not that I ever try to tan), but now that it's easily accessible I might give it a try. Reading out on the chairs by the pool while the sun shines down on me sounds so relaxing. Man, we can't move soon enough! The next 2.5 weeks are gonna draaaaaaaag. boo.

Any other ideas of what I should use my time for? Maybe some arts and crafts? Right now I'm trying to catch up on me time, but I'll need to do something eventually.