Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hoppity - Hop - Hop

Over the past week or so, the mister and I have been visited by a few extra guests. It started off with just one and then escalated to two and then all of a sudden three, etc.

Our neighborhood has bunnies.

These aren't jackrabbits or wild rabbits or anything like that. These are the type of bunnies you would buy as pets. You know what I'm talking about, right?

One day we went outside and saw a cute white bunny in our yard. Naturally, I was like "WTF?" I mean, what is a random pet bunny doing in my yard? I tried to get closer to it (because I wanted to catch it and keep it and love it forever and ever and ever....), but the little jerk hopped away. Doesn't he know I would make a great mom?! Jeeeeeez.

During the next week, we started seeing 2 white bunnies. Then a random brown bunny showed up in our backyard! We opened the back door to let the doglet out and he kinda freaked out seeing a bunny almost the same size as he is sitting in the garden (btw, this totally explains who has been eating all of the mister's crops). When we tried to approach it, he ran and slid himself through a crack in the fence between our yard and the neighbors yard. It was quite impressive. I could barely fit my hand through that crack and he just squished his whole body through it!

So anyways, this morning the mister calls me after he left for work saying that he saw 5 bunnies! I know bunnies are supposed to multiply like crazy, but these were all big bunnies. Where in the world are they coming from?! They have spread out over the 4 houses now too.

I'm waiting to see little baby bunnies. :o)



They very well could be multiplying . . . Quickly, it would seem. I would like a baby bunny . . . So cute! :) I can only imagine how the doglet felt seeing that bunny . . . LOL.


I could totally see them multiplying, but these are all large bunnies. There's no way they could grow THAT fast! I mean.. it's been like less than 2 weeks since we saw the first one.


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